Bench Day April 4th

Today, 4/4 is the first bench session of my week. I was working on some new prompts for my set up and decent as I was having some shoulder pain on my wide grip day. I found that I had been coming down to high on my chin and forcing my elbows out instead of tucking them in and bringing the bar down in a mid chest path.

So, I stayed lighter and worked on these and did some assistance work as well.

Warm up with empty bar for 30 reps of upright rows to the forehead and 30 face pulls with double mini bands. I actually do these 10 to chest, 10 to chin, 10 to forehead and do this between every bench set up until 315 and then on all my drop sets. I do around 300 face pulls each bench day.

135x10 (face pulls)
185x5 (face pulls)
225x5 (face pulls)
275x3 (face pulls)
315x2 (face pulls)
275x3x5 (face pulls between each set)

I follow these with 5x5 behind the neck wide grip pulls ups (pinkies touching outside of rack)
3x8 Upright rows at 115lbs superset with 3x15 hanging leg raises for abs.

My second bench day focuses on higher reps with narrow grip and variations with boards and bands for sticking points with typically 2x the volume and assistance work.


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