Daily Challenge for Monday April 17th.

Good morning everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready to kick Monday in the pants. Hopefully we don't have too much Easter candy to work off.

Last week we ended on and focused a little more on eating habits and issues. I often hear the excuse that "I just don't have time to eat like that." And this brings us right into today's tip...plan ahead!

Tip: Most people have limited time between jobs, kids, spouses, yards, and also trying to squeeze in our workouts. So plan ahead. I prep most of my meals for the week on Sunday and pre-package them so I can just grab them and go. Yes, it's gonna take a little time on Sunday but it frees up all your much needed time during the week! You'll thank me later!

Now, it's challenge time and I tend to make Monday the hardest day of the week when it comes to my training. I am the least tired I will be and that being said, have the most energy to put into my training...so with that model in mind :)

Challenge: Burpees 100 by days end, Squats 100 by days end, Ab Plank 5 minutes by days end, Push Ups 100 by days end.

You can do this! I believe in you!

Do Well Be Well!


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