Daily Tip and Challenge April 10th

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and woke up today recharged and ready to tackle the week. Is that too much? Ha-Ha. It is Monday after all but hopefully you're at least ready to continue on your path to a fitter lifestyle.

I know that my new cycle starts today and I am ready to kick it off. I will post videos later and hopefully I don't puke. So, without further procrastination, here is your daily tip and challenge.

TIP: Don't stretch before you train, stretch after. A growing body of research has shown that the benefits of stretching pre-workout are negligible at best and actually cause a higher percentage of injury. Stretch after, once you are warm and the body is more limber.

Challenge: Leg Blaster
20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 jumping squats, 20 jumping lunges. Do this routine as fast as you are able and watch the leg pump go up! Try and do this at least 5 times before the day is over!

Make sure to continue getting in your extra water and hopefully the spring weather is there, wherever your there is. Get some steps in on top of your challenge. Movement is the fountain of youth so move and move some more!


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