Mental Fortitude.

Good morning everyone! I  hope you are well rested and ready to kick today in the seat of the pants.

As a seasoned athlete, I know that the mind quits far before the body does. As soon as we start thinking how tired we are, how hard it is, how much we don't like doing this, we start losing the battle. We start to reinforce a negative outlook on what we are doing.  Whenever my athletes would ask me how many more, my answer was always the same; "it's always one more rep." This brings us to today's tip.

Tip: The mind quits before the body does. 

Remember this when you think you can't do anymore. The truth is, you can probably do several more, you just think you can't. So every time you think you can't, take one more step, make one more squat, push out one more rep.

I know it's Friday and everyone wants an easy challenge but most of us relax on the weekends and enjoy time with friends and family and adult beverages or 8, so let's go out with some gusto and having felt like we accomplished something.

Today we are going to combine our last few challenges into a mini boot-camp that you can do in a short few bursts.

Challenge: 20 squats, 20 push-ups 6 times before the day is over.

Don't let the numbers scare you and if the push-ups are hard for you, break them up into small sets of 5. One set at a time, every 10 minutes in the morning and every 10 minutes in the evening and before you know it, you've busted them all out.

You can do this! I have faith in you.

Do Well. Be Well


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