Tip and Challenge April 11th.

Good Morning Everyone!

It is time to get the day started and hopefully you are feeling well and sore :)
Well, we've reached that part in our relationship where I have to give you some bad news...it's time to train some abs. We knew this point would come and here it is.

Tip: When training abs, keep your hands in front of you or out to the sides. Placing your hands behind your neck leads us to crank the neck an can cause problems in the long run.

Challenge: 5 sets of 15 is the challenge today. If you can do more, do so, if you can't, just try and finish out these 5 sets by days end. A single set should take you about 30 seconds, so this is very doable and takes minimal time. Partial V ups are the goal today. See pic. When you go back down to being supine, don't let your shoulders or feet touch the floor once you've started the set.


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