Tip and Challenge Day Two.

Good morning everyone! Hope you all slept well and are ready to tackle your day or at least limp through it if you did the 20 squats an hour challenge yesterday.  Here is today's tip and challenge.

Tip: Instead of 8 glasses of 8 oz of water try 6 20 oz glasses of water each day.

Challenge: For the first two hours of the morning and the last two hours of the morning, do 10 push-ups every 10 minutes. If you can do more during the day, do so. If you do the two early hours and two evening hours, you will have completed 320 push-ups for the day!

If you can't do 10, try doing sets of 5 instead. This will still have you doing over 100 push-ups by days end.

Hope you enjoy the challenge!

Do Well and Be Well.


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