Tip and Challenge for Monday April 24th.

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I was thrilled to get out into the woods and hike and take pictures. Being in the woods walking and discovering is where I am most happy and most at peace. I try and get out there a few times a week as soon as the weather breaks. Aside from writing and lifting, I enjoy photography, especially micro and entomological. 

This type of movement (according to  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Life Science Division in Berkley, Calif. ) can help in reduction of blood pressure, cholesterol levels and heart disease as well as helping to restructure the heart and increasing ejection fraction. Brisk walking or hiking also helps with soreness and recovery. 

Today's tip is less do/don't and more of a recommendation. Exercise truly is the world's most underrated anti depressant and while it is not a cure all, it is one of the first things doctors will recommend you do if you feel sad or anxious. Movement is key and studies have shown that being in the woods also helps with depression and anxiety.

Tip: Get into the woods and walk. Be involved, paint, take pictures and allow yourself some freedom.

Today's tip is also today's challenge. 

Challenge: Get into the woods and move. Get in a solid walk/hike for at least an hour. No Music! Go out there and be aware, present, and in the moment. This is recharging for you physically an emotionally. This isn't an exercise in escapism but one of connection.

I would like to see you all do some regular exercise on top of this before bed or to get your mornings started so toss in what Nicole did if you want and we can just call it the Nicole Workout. She used a 40lb sand bag for resistance.

400 squats
100 Pushuips
200 Romanian Deadlifts
25 hill sprints

You can do it! I believe in you!

Do Well Be Well,


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