Tip and Challenge for Thursday April 13th.

Good morning everyone!

Hope you're all ready to start the day and get things moving in the right direction. As we have been going through the past two weeks, the tips and challenges have all focused on mostly movement based. Today we are going into everyone's favorite, diet based.

Stan Efferding said, "the best diet is the one you will follow." And to further that, let's make the point that diet is basically a negative term. We aren't looking to go on a diet, we are looking to eat better in general in a way that is sustainable for us emotionally, and yes, diet is very emotional for most people.

Tip: Diet will profoundly impact your results, especially sugars. Keep your refined sugars to a minimum. Think less candy and additive based food.

Challenge: Today's challenge is two fold; if you are doing the 6 glasses of 20 oz water still, increase it to 8 now and make a conscious effort to decrease your sugar intake by half today.

This should be fairly easy and only takes a little bit of that dreaded self control. I suggest you also remain active today, trying to get in steps and doing one of the challenges you have already tried or even better, combining two of them together!

Do well Be well.


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