Tip and Challenge for Wednesday, April 19th.

Good morning all!

Hope you had a great day yesterday and were able to make some progress with planning and structuring your eating. I know it might seem like a pain at first but in time the pay off is well worth it.

Just like finding the right partner to work out with, planning  ahead with our eating and schedule instead of just hoping we can squeeze it in at some point makes this a habit and part of our routine. Think of it as long term preventative medicine. Do a little now so that we don't have to do a lot later.

Today's tip is more for the ladies but useful for anyone who is interested in changing their body composition and losing fat.

Tip: Stay off the scale. Your weight can fluctuate several pound in a day based on hormones, bowel movements, sweating and etc.

Something I have always told my female clients is to go by fit not by weight. I was often approached with, i gained weight but my clothes are lose, how is this possible? Forget the scale. It's little more than a way of torturing yourself emotionally. Always go with how your clothes feel.

As you train and increase lean muscle and blood volume, you may seem to add weight initially but as you are losing fat globally, your clothes start to fit better. This is your key to success.

It's hump day so we need something to push us through the week. Today's mini boot-camp is this.

Challenge: Mountain climbers 5x30, Push Ups 100 total, Squats 300 total, Curls 100 total, Walk 2 miles.

Break this up as needed just get in your reps by days end.

Do Well Be Well,


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