Tip and Challenge Thursday, April 27th.

Good morning everyone!

Hope everyone is motivated and ready to go!

I see a lot of garbage in the fitness world. A diet for this, a cleanse for that, a remedy to boost this and a potion to maximize that. Here's the skinny. It's crap. There is no food or drink cleanse. No super diet to change your life, no food to maximize anything. Eat smart, train smart and you will see results. That's the magic formula.

This brings us to today's wordy tip.

Tip: There is no detox or cleanse potion. It's a scam. There is absolutely zero science behind it. You have an incredible filter and cleaning system built right into your body that does a better job "cleansing" your body than any product you can buy. Save your money, drink plenty of water, and eat clean. Simple.

Challenge: Sumo squats x100, Lunges x100, Burpees x100, Crunch x100, Walk 15 -30 minutes.

Do Well Be Well,


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