Tip and Challenge Tuesday, April 18th.

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

Hope you all made it through the challenge yesterday and are taking into account the tips and eating issues we have been discussing. We will be furthering that in the quest for a fitter, healthier lifestyle.

It is often the case that I hear people say they are just not going to eat or they are going to eat once and then that's it. This of course is no sustainable and leads down an unhealthy road. We want to speed up our metabolism and make our body function optimally. We don't buy an 8 cylinder car with hopes that it only putters by on 4 cylinders. Why do that with your body?

Tip: Eat more often but portion controlled meals.

This seems to be hard for most of us. We want what we want and when we want it. But then we're fat, on heart medicine and cant play with our kids without getting winded in 60 seconds. The ego of the pallet seems very real. So like yesterdays plan ahead tip, plan ahead and portion and package your meals so that you can eat something small and nutrient dense, every three hours or so. It can be done!

Challenge: Eat with a purpose today. Make today a clean day and show yourself that you can eat clean and consistently for just one day. It's one step down the path. Then, pick one of our other physical challenges and do it as well. Try the one you disliked the least and make today awesome.

Do Well Be Well!


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