Tip and Challenge Tuesday April 25th.

Good morning everyone!

I hope your day was awesome and you got out into the woods for some hike time. I did about 3 miles yesterday and a light pace and took some photos and prior to that had an intense bench workout. Was a great day.

Today it's back to schlepping logs all day and probably crashing soon after it's over.

I rarely rake supplements. The truth is, they're crap. Pretty much everything you see in the vitamin shops is garbage and you can get from a sensible and consistent diet. I do however take some very important supplements that help me with my recovery; vit b12, vit d, vit c, and whey protein.

Today's tip: Don't buy into the supplement scams. It's just an expensive way to make your pee smell funny. Get the basics that I mentioned and chances are you'll be good to go.

Today's Challenge: 10 minute boot camp. Set your timer for 10 minutes and get as many rounds as you can of 10 Burpees, 10 Mountain Climbers, 10 Crunches, 10 pushups, 20 lunges.

Good luck!

Do Well Be Well,


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