Tip and Challenge Wednesday April 12th.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

Hope you're well rested and ready for the day. Just a reminder, I am now taking on line clients again so if you are interested in more intensive and interactive sessions with me, email me at ty@thetattooedbuddha.com and we can begin your personalized program.

Today's Tip: If your goal is to burn fat, stop doing so much cardio. Short, intense burst cardio is fine and helpful but long duration cardio does little for you aside from destroying the lean muscle you are trying to put on. For best results in fat loss, grab the weights!

Today's Challenge: It's time to grab a weight of some form, sand bag, dumbbells, a child, what ever you can and do some small stations. Today squat for 20, deadlift for 20, bicep curl for 20 and 20 push-ups. YOu have this for 5 sets by days end. Good luck!

Hope you all are enjoying the challenges and thank you for sticking with them!

Do well and Be well!


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