Tip and Challenge Wednesday April 26th.

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all well rested and ready to tackle your day!

As I struggle to balance a life of a lifter and working for a tree company where my physical output typically exceeds all that I have, even my reserves, I find more and more the need for recovery protocols that I didn't need when I was doing office work or other white collar jobs.

The protocol is fairly simple, movement. Movement, as I have said, really is the fountain of youth. Getting the heart rate up and the blood moving is the best form of recovery. Walk, stroll, pace, whatever you want to call it, just get moving. This is recovery so don't push it. You don't need a 5k you just need a few minutes several times a day of movement.

Aside from this I foam roll and roll out on a hard medicine ball as well but these, in my estimation, should be reserved for recovery work not pre workout movements, which leads us to today's tip and challenge.

Tip: Keep stretching and recovery work for where they belong, in the after training recovery. There is a vast body of evidence showing that these pre-workout routines that have become "conventional wisdom" are in fact detrimental to your performance and lead to increased injury risk.

In today's challenge, we are going to step it up a bit so of you need to, modify to meet your current fitness levels. Just do your best.

Challenge:  25 Hill Sprints followed by 20 squats each sprint.

You should be sucking wing pretty hard by the end of this. Pace yourself but try to rest no more than 90 seconds between sets.

Do Well Be Well,


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