Ty's Back Session for April 6th.

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I do two sessions a week for the major body parts/lifts. The caveat being deadlift. I train this every other week swapping out heavy rows and front squats on the days I don't pull. Yesterday was a deadlift day but because my squat day was so high in volume Monday, I used yesterday more as a recovery model than anything else. I will add front squats in again today (Friday 4/7 as well).

Almost every session starts off of the jhooks, walking the bar out and doing Romanian style deadlifts for the first two sets and I start pulling from the floor at 315.

135x10 - Romanian
225x10 - Romanian
500x5x3 emom (Every Minute On the Minute)

Rows. I always use a snatch grip with my pointer finger just on the outside of the power ring. When I am doing a high volume day, I also do under hand grip with pointer on the inside of the power ring, palms facing up.


Pull Ups. I have always done pull ups snatch grip as well. Lately I have been doing them behind the neck with the bat touching me just at the back of my skull.

Pull Ups
5x5 EMOM


Facepulls. I have been adding these in 3 times a week and use two blue mini bands. I do them in sets of 30 but the set is broken into 10 pulled to sternum 10 to the chin and 10 to the forehead.

5 sets of 30

Hanging leg raises.

5 sets of 10


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