Ty's Hypertrophy Block Week One Day One.

So I started my hypertrophy block today and it will last probably four weeks. I tend to burn out fast on the squat until I puke style training but so far so good. I ramp these blocks up just like I do for strength phases and peaking phases in order to get my body used to the decreased rest period and increased activity output.

Today was a bit of a test run for me as I went both oly stance and sumo stance for each weight jump doing a set of 8 on both. Starting from just the bar 8 reps oly 8 reps sumo. My jumps went like this:

Bar 2x8-oly/sumo
135 2x8 oly/sumo
185 2x8 oly/sumo
225 2x8 oly/sumo
275 2x8 oly/sumo
315 2x8 oly/sumo
365 2x4 oly/sumo
405 2x3 oly/sumo (belt and sleeves)

So while my top end sets were minimal, by the time I started them my quads and hips were so full of blood, hitting depth was a chore. As each session progresses (2 per week) the bottom sets drop and the top sets increase. If today was any indicator this is going to challenge my fitness levels and definitely produce some quad size and fatigue.

My rest period between stance changes was 60 seconds and my rest between weight changes was 90 seconds. I kept my heart rate up and stayed standing the entire time and paced. I will finish the day off with a slow walk for about 2 miles, after 3 hours of rest.


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