Building a Bigger Butt. Tip and Challenge Monday May 1st.

Good morning everyone!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend, filled with movement and good food.

One of the most common questions that I hear from women is how do I make my butt more round, more perky, fuller, less flat. This was before the booty craze/injections era which is not an attractive butt look.

Like almost everything else in life, the answer is squat. Not free squats, not dumbbells squats, but full, under load, barbell squats. That being said, there are some other movements that build the butt of your and your mans dreams and they revolve around the other greatest exercise, the deadlift.

One of my favorite deadlift deviations is the RDL or Romanian Deadlift. Everything is the same from set up and stance, until the pull begins. Once you start your reps, the bar/plates never touch the ground again until after your last rep. It is essentially 3/4 movement.

I prefer this movement with the hips left slighly bent at the top to keep constant tension on the erectors and glutes and doing them for set of 10-20. The erector and glute pump (butt plump) when these are done correctly is second to none. This brings us to today's tip and challenge.

Tip: You need a barbell to build a better butt. Squats and deadlift will be your primary movements.

Challenge: Weighted RDL's with a heavy sandbag or barbell, between 40-85lbs (work with what you have) and crank out 5 sets of 20. You will finish this off with leg blaster 20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 jumping squats, 20 jumping lunges.

You're on your way to a better butt!

Do Well Be Well,


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