Challenge Monday, May 8th.

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are rested and ready to go!

Now  that we have been at this for a few weeks, we are going to be moving from the daily tip and challenge, into more full blown mini training sessions. Instead of a challenge to add to your workouts, these can be used as your workout for those who so desire.

Today's challenge is the 3x100 challenge. While I am prescribing the exercises today, it is an interchangeable program. Any three you like for 100 reps each and you can section them off, doing 10 or 20 of each one in a round fashion.

Today is weighted overhead squats, push=ups, weighted row. You can do these with sandbags, dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, a child (lol) anything that puts you under load and makes this harder.

So think 10 OH squats, 10 push-ups, 10 rows for 10 rounds. Try and keep your rest between rounds limited and the same throughout the session I would say 30-45 seconds between rounds or up to 60 seconds if your conditioning is still in progress.


Do Well Be Well.


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