Tip and Challenge for Friday, May 5th.

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all are feeling rested and yet ready for the weekend!

Today's tip and challenge are designed to increase your overall fitness levels. We want to perform or try to continue performing while under some oxygen debt in order to make our bodies perform better. This means we need to decrease our rest periods. This should all be done within reason of course. Think of keeping your rest between 30-45 seconds to remain in the target heart rate of 150 BPM for short but intense high intensity training.

Challenge: Burpee/Box Jump complex. 50/50 to 12-16" box. We are starting low. If you've done these before and are comfortable jumping higher, go for it. If you have not, I'd suggest started at 12" until you get comfortable with box jumps.

This should be a fun and easy challenge to add into your day and take about 10 minutes if you're not used to it.

Have a great weekend!

Do Well Be Well,


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