Tuesday May 2nd Chest Challenge.

Good morning everyone!

Hope you are nice and sure from yesterday and ready for more fun on the way to a fitter and healthier body.

Today is all about the push up. It is a much under-looked chest and arm developer and when done right, consistently and in sufficient volume can be amazing. There are two primary push-ups that I use; the standard push-up that we all know and the tricep push-up done on the fist not the palm, and the elbow and arm path is directly horizontal, meaning your arms are touching your lats the entire time and you are pushing up off of your tricep.

Today is gonna be a doozy so let's get started.

Tip: On your regular push-up, make sure you elbows are shooting down away from the shoulder and not going straight out. Think a 22 degree angle away from the shoulder going towards the waste. Having your elbows straight out is going to put unneeded pressure on the shoulder joint.

Challenge: Regular push up - 10 sets of 10 in the morning and 10 sets of 10 tricep push-ups. You will do the same thing in the evening and in between on lunch break try and get out and walk for a while after eating. 10 minutes of walking after eating helps reduce blood sugar levels and aid in the digestion process.

You can do this!

Do Well Be Well,


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