Weekly Challenge for the 15th.

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay in getting these out. I started a new job last week and have been in training so have no set schedule yet. I was up and out early but once I am settled in, we should be back to normal. Hope you guys still did the challenge and redid some older ones to keep moving forward.

I've been healing up still from my calf tear but luckily I am okay on stationary movements. I hurt my flexor tendon do it only hurts when I am pushing off of the toes to step forward or go an an incline. Squat and deadlift seem to be okay but I've been staying light and doing more rep work.

I was able to hike today after 15 sets of deadlift yesterday (Saturday) and before it was over I had swelling in my ankle and mid shin area so, I am sure I will be hurting in the morning...but I am mobile without being in total pain.

So, I am posting these in the evening now the night before so, here is Monday's training for those who wish to keep going.

Push-Ups 10
Seated Shoulder Press w/ Dumbbells 10
Pull Ups (not chin ups) 10 (use assistance if needed)
Banded face pulls 30
Skull Crushers 10
x5 rounds

Row 500 Meters x2

Do Well Be Well,


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