Life Isn't Fair.

Life isn't fair.

There it is. Get over it. Not everyone can dunk a basketball. Not everyone can run a four minute mile. Not everyone can squat 1000lbs raw. This is reality. It doesn't mean that you're a victim. It doesn't mean that the world and the system and the white man is out to get you. It's just how it is. Life isn't fair and life isn't here to give you a participation trophy. In fact, if you are expecting one and fighting to make everything fair for everyone, you are going to soon receive a serious dose of reality.

Life simply is.

That's the basic truth of things. Life isn't set up to make you feel better about yourself. Life isn't set up to make you taller, thinner, stronger, or more beautiful than whoever it is that you are currently jealous and feigning victimhood from.

You are not a victim.

If you think you are a victim, you have made yourself so. Unless you are an actual slave, being shipped out of the coast of Africa or a child sex slave in Asia, shut up. The police are not out to get you, the system is not set up to see you fail. In fact, the system is set up in a such a way that it allows you to take advantage of it and continue to pretend being a victim to a nonexistent overlord.


Before you start crying again, how about remove your emotions from the argument and look at cold hard facts. Statistics speak for themselves. The cops don't chase down and shoot innocent black en mass. In fact, you are more likely to be not shot, if you are black and more likely to be shot if you are white.

White privilege, wage gap, systemic racism, sorry, these factually do not exist.

I can see you screaming and crying and marching under your communist flag as you destroy property that doesn't belong to you but the facts remain the same; these things do not exist. Look at the statistics.

Life is not fair. The reality of this is, you are going to have people that are better looking, harder working, taller, stronger, thinner, bigger, smaller, faster ad infinitum. This doesn't mean that you are being discriminated against.

Do these issues exist? Yes. There are racist people. There are sexist people. Yes, there are shitty cops but...the vast majority of people are not out to get you. In fact, a national survey showed that the majority of minorities have never experienced racism or bigotry.

Try working harder. Try focusing on what you can do better than others. Try focusing on what you love doing not on what you can't do or are not good at. Try acting like an adult instead of an entitled victim of a society that is out to get you. As a powerlifter, I am mediocre at best. Does this mean I am being discriminated against? Powerlifter x, y, and z outlifted me. They took more drugs and had fewer negative issues. They maintained weight better, they were more naturally gifted than I was. Should I start a protest that powerlifting is unfair? That the rules need to be changed to better suit my weaknesses?

Maybe I should toughen up and train harder? Maybe I should try something better suited to my natural body type? Maybe I should just enjoy what I am doing and shut the hell up.

The world doesn't care. When we die, we will soon be forgotten and the universe will be non plussed by our absence or attendance in it. Take risks for yourself. Enjoy the time you have. Love one another and instead of crying about what everyone else is doing wrong, do a better job at what you can do right.


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